European Train-the-trainer course (26th/27th March 2012) in Luxembourg

At 26th and 27th of March 2012, a European train-the-trainer course will take place in Luxembourg.

As the project especially aims on long-term effects by the sensitisation of responsible decision makers and multipliers and by a broad dissemination of the training concept, the course especially addresses leading staff and institutions who take responsibility for the first and advanced education of staff from the field of adult education and Lifelong Learning who work with the final target group. In this first step, national collaboration partners of the project partners are invited to try out and discuss the train-the-trainer concept together with the Pro-Skills team.

Three external experts will join the course, who give input on certain topics:

  • Vladka Tonica, Association for Development of the Quality of Life “Renesansa” (Slovenia);
  • Calle Carling, Åbo Akademi University, Faculty of Education and Institution of General Education (Finland);
  • Dr. Uwe Fischer, Otto-Friedrich-University of Bamberg (German), research in health promotion, identity and emotion regulation;

The exchange among project partners, national stakeholders and external experts will be essential for the enhancement and finishing of the train-the-trainer concept before the implementation in training offers.
Both project and national collaboration partners will realise pilot train-the-trainer courses afterwards on national basis.
A report of the European train-the-trainer course will follow soon.

Coordination of the course:
Centre de Prévention des Toxicomanies, Luxembourg
Irti Huumeista Ry, Finland